In a matter of a few years Bluemoon Filmworks has become a leader for Miami Video Production. Thanks to the experience and commitment of our video production professionals, many Directors, Producers and brands have achieved higher standards of Video Production quality. Our Camera Operators, Editors, Directors, Directors of Photography, Gaffers, Grips and Sound Professionals have worked in the Production of Corporate Videos, Commercials, Music Videos and Feature Films. We can provide your production with Cinema Cameras, Grip Trucks, Lighting Packages, Sound Recording and of course, our talented crew.

Miami Video Production Services:

  • Directors
  • Directors of Photography
  • Camera Crews
  • Script Development
  • Story Boards
  • Studios
  • Talents
  • Production Management
  • Lighting and Grip
  • Camera Support
  • Steady Cam Operators

Some of our Video Production Equipment:

  • 1 to 3 ton grip trucks
  • Tungsten, Fluorescent and LED Light Packages
  • Alexa XT
  • Black Magic URSA Mini 4.6K
  • RED Epic 5K
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Da Vinci Resolve Studio
  • Jibs
  • Dollies
  • Steady Cam
  • Movi Gimbal Stabilizer

Professional crew ready to work on your Video Production in Miami and all South Florida

The arrival of the latest technologies have made possible that today many people can afford digital cinema cameras, lighting tools and post production equipment. Nevertheless, not all Video Production Companies are the same. In order to deliver a great Video it is necessary to have the expertise and support of a professional crew. We at Bluemoon Filmworks understand your need for a creative and experienced Film Crew. It is our commitment to offer our clients the best Video Production Service. Every crew person we designate to your project is someone that we have complete confidence in their work, dedication and discipline.

What is the next step?

We would like to know about your production. Tell us about your vision, send us your story board, schedules, camera package, grip and lighting requirements. We can provide everything you need for your Commercial, Corporate Video, Music Video, etc. Is your Production too small? Just a small interview? Some B-roll? No production is too small, we got you covered and within budget.

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  1. I read your articles and saw your video.Really great work.Very good thins.Write more about this….
    Thank you for sharing such an information post.

  2. Hi,i’d tod) do a video-clip with my song. I search a nice place with a mountain and sand , sun etc….in much is it for a song of 2min 30 seconde ?

    I have my costumes and i need makeup too!

    Thank you !

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