Corporate Video Packages – Increase sales and attract clients.

  • Do you need to increase traffic in your Webpage ?
  • Do you want to appear more personal and direct with clients ?
  • Do you have to show off a product or service ?
  • Do you need to create trust with prospects and clients?
  • Do you want to keep your audience engaged and interested ?
  • Do you have news to share with clients ?
  • Do you have an interesting corporate or personal story to tell ?

” If you have said yes to at least (2) of these questions, then you need to implement video as part of your marketing plan “

Below find these high value Corporate Marketing Video Packages to give your company a well deserved face lift.

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What Corporate Marketing Videos can do for my business ?

  1. Videos will increase your Business Webpage SEO
  2. Videos will  create trust and credibility
  3. Videos will make you appear more personal and direct
  4. Videos will entertain and educate your prospects
  5. Videos will guide and help prospects in a decision making process
  6. Videos can be share on youtube, social media, emails, webpages, etc…
  7. Videos are more likely to be seeing and shared than text content


The most effective way to promote your website, business, product or service is with professionally produced Corporate Marketing Videos. These high value Video Packages were created based on customer demands, and ROI. Remember to always call us, we want to have as much information possible about your specific video needs. No every production is the same, and you are not limited to these video packages. Additional pre-production, equipment, grips , makeup artists, talents, props, wardrobe, location rental, permits and vehicles are not included in these packages and can be added at additional costs.

Packages include :

  • Pay only 50% for booking
  • Free consultation
  • CEO, Employees and Client Interviews
  • Great shots (B-roll) of your business operation
  • Professional Video Producer – Camera Operator
  • Digital Cinema Camera, Wireless Mics and Light Kit Package
  • Video delivered within 10 business days
  • Youtube uploading service
  • Web, Mobile and Broadcast Video Formats
  • Royalty Free Music, lower third titles and company logo
  • 1080 High Definition

(We offer these Video Packages for clients in Miami Dade County , Broward County and Palm Beach County)

If you need Video Production in another county or have any questions contact us : (855) 642-3456

It doesn’t matter if your budget is big or small. We always have you covered.