Kickstarter Video Production

Tulipe Noire – Kickstarter Video, a Case Study.

Project : Tulipe Noire Watch Collection

Platform : Kickstarter

Goal : $15,000

100 % FUNDED

tulipenoireAxelle VDB, Miami-based watch designer and gemologist created and designed Tulipe Noire Watch Collection (limited edition mechanical watches for women).It was our task to create an elegant and informative Kickstarter Video within time and budget. It is a pleasure to know that their funding goal was reached in less than a week.Videos are the main platform of any successful crowdfunding campaign and our client knew that from the start. The first step was to create a video script that served the purpose of her campaign. After our first meeting we received a first draft from them. Based on that first draft we created a final shot-list and  a visual treatment. The goal was to produce a piece that presented the creator and the product in a very simple and straight-forward manner. In this particular kickstarter video, the creator wanted to present the collection and the story herself. As recommended with any crowd funding campaign, a brief story of the product and biography of the designer was essential to acquaint the supporters with her vision. Supporters would want to know who you are, what your expertise is, and how the funds will be spent. The watches were stunning all by themselves, our job was to film and bring out every detail of the skeleton mechanism, the exquisite diamonds and the craftsmanship present in every model.  Every camera movement and watch display was planned ahead of time since we only had just a few hours to shoot.  Planning before hand enables the Production and Post-Production process to be sucessful.

Quality videos are an essential tool to get the most out of your crowd funding campaign. Bluemoon Filmworks is the company that has made it happen over and over again. We can guide you through the whole process to create a tailored-made Video for your product.


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