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Videos can explain everything!

Most Companies need quality video content to engage with their audience.

Many businesses waste their marketing dollars on videos that don't work.

Most companies don't have the time and experience to create engaging video content.

Business should be able to produce engaging videos to attract new clients. 

Our Video Company offers Quality Video Content Creation + Proven Video Marketing Strategies for business growth.


Client Reviews.

- We help your business stay relevant with quality video content -

Great ROI Hired Bluemoon Filmworks for a Video Marketing Campaign for my Consulting Business. They created a script, shot 3 videos that... read more

Chris Branson

They are the consummate professionals, achieved results beyond my expectations. I hired them to produce a relatively long and highly... read more


Fimed and edited a training video for my company. The price was right and the production was excellent. We are... read more


Professionalism, great shots, and a good time. It was amazing working with them and If I need, I will work... read more

Adriana Hernandez

How does it work?

3- Simple Steps to Video Launch.


Set up a discovery meeting to get familiar with your video goals. If we are a good fit, we will create a proposal according to your needs.

Video Production Service

Our video production crew helps you create influential video content + a video strategy to help you build the business you want.

Video Launch

Bluemoon Filmworks will help you launch the video (s) on the right platforms so that you can start getting results.


- Our Video Production Company wants you to succeed -

Video is not a luxury, it's a must ...

  • Not using video content makes your marketing look one-dimensional.

  • Not adopting a video strategy leaves profitable leads on your competitor's doorstep.

  • Not using video marketing is like slamming the breaks on your business growth.
We are great listeners, let's have a chat 

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What Videos Should I Get First?

Video Production Service For All Industries.

Start with the right VIDEO CONTENT ...



Customers need to know what you do and why you do it. A clear and direct message helps your brand attract new clients and generate sales. Our Video Production Company can help you produce engaging videos that connect with your target audience.


Videos of clients praising your company and products will boost your sales. Do not waste the opportunity of having your happy clients leave a positive review on a video testimonial.




Clients want to know why your product exists and what problem solves, and what they need to do to get it. Explainer videos are like a well-trained salesperson selling your product even you are asleep.


Take your clients on a visual and audible journey through your offices; with interviews, testimonials, etc. Corporate Videos can tell a deeper story about your business than any other medium.


Document in a video all that took place during your industry event. Speakers, testimonials, latest products, and the energy of the event itself. Live event videos are a great tool to help attract clients and keep your business growing.



How-to videos show how a product works (assembling, best practices, demos) How-to Videos can help recharge the customer service experience and start the trust-building process in your product. Many prospects watch how-to videos before they buy a product.


Social media video campaigns can make a great impact on how you influence your prospects buying decisions and how authoritative you are in the industry. Just run your business operation like usual and let our video production company take care of your social media (video) campaigns.



Signals of Video Marketing Success.

 More Sales Message Clarity Brand recognition   Google SERPs  Lead generation Industry Authority

Industry Standard Process For Every Video.

A Video Production Workflow that Increases ROI.


After a discovery interview, and upon finalizing a video contract we will start Pre-production. Our video company will create a script to meet your video goals. We will cast the talent, scout locations, and more. A successful business video that generates strong results is always preceded by a detailed Pre-production process.



Cameras & equipment are set up on location, crew and talent wait for the director to call action! Director and crew will film every scene and shot based on the script. If your business video requires interviews, b-roll, product shots, and different locations, it might take a full day to get all the required shots for your business video.


The editor will splice together the shots that the video crew filmed. The director will supervise the edit with the script as the blueprint. Afterward, the director will send you a rough cut of the video. Clients are allowed two rounds of revisions. After you approve the final edit we will deliver you a master video file of your business video.