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  • (6) Industries using Video Marketing in 2019

    Providing prospects with quality content is a surefire way to attract eyeballs and inform people what your business is all about. The time a person spends on a website is a common way to judge the metrics of its engagement. The chances of prospects

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  • hire a video agency

    (6)Tips for hiring a Video Agency.

    Hiring a Video Agency can often be a very intimidating experience but if you do not have any experience in marketing or the video industry, one of your first challenges might be not knowing what points need to be touched in your video and writing

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  • 6 reasons why you need a company video

    [6] Reasons you need a company video

    [6] Reasons why you need a company video. Here I will try to introduce to you 6 reasons why I confidently think you need a company video. When most companies start planning out their marketing strategies, they are interested in saving as much money

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  • video production editing

    How much for Video Production ?

    How much do we charge for video production?   Let us try to cover as much ground as we possibly can about the costs for a typical Video.  When you ask: How much do you charge for video production? It is like going to a car dealer and asking. How

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  • howmuchdoesamusicvideocost-bluemoonfilmworks

    How much does a music video cost?

    How much does a music video cost? A music video cost depends on so many factors that, sometimes I really don’t know how to answer this question without scratching my head and looking a little baffled. Some clients look at me with a

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    [Q&A] Music Video Production.

    [Q&A] Music Video Production for clients in South Florida.  Our Music Video Production standards. We specialize in Music Video Production for seasoned and aspiring musicians. We can conceptualize, shoot and edit Music Videos with high

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    [3 must have] Corporate Event and Trade Show Videos.

    [3 must have] Corporate Event Videos.  You are going to need 3 videos, not one. Trailer Event  Highlights Many Business owners will probably print flyers, postcards, create a Facebook page, announce it on twitter, etc. Most of them will forget

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    [6] Corporate Video ideas to grow your business.

    [6] Corporate Video ideas to grow your business. Whenever we meet with a client for the first time, it is very important that we ask the right questions about the aim of their Corporate Video. Not every Corporate Video will provide the same benefits

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    Tips for success with Video Marketing

    Tips for success with Video Marketing Many brands have come to us just because such and such competitors are using  Video Marketing (Corporate Videos, Testimonial Videos, Product Presentation Videos, How to videos, etc) in their marketing

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    10 facts about Corporate Videos.

    10 facts about Corporate Videos. Corporate Videos play an important role in attracting all those prospects that are looking for that specific product or service you offer. The smartest competitors are a step ahead of you using the power of well

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  • Red Epic Camera Package in Miami

    Red Epic Camera Package in Miami. Among our different Cinema Camera Packages, the RED EPIC Camera Package is one of the most popular. The RED EPIC camera shoots amazing 5k digital video and still images; definitely a good choice for filmmakers and

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    Need Video Production Services ?

    An effective way to reach your target demographic is by hiring professional video production services to produce a video featuring your product, service or cause. Organizations can rapidly spread their message

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