[6] Reasons why you need a company video.

cesar perez-bluemoonfilmworksHere I will try to introduce to you 6 reasons why I confidently think you need a company video. When most companies start planning out their marketing strategies, they are interested in saving as much money as they possibly can. While it is always good policy not to spend in areas where it isn’t warranted, too many marketers and business owners tend to cut corners in all the wrong places. Keep reading and I will tell you why a well-produced company video should be a priority in your business marketing strategy. ( Price list for companies in South Florida)

#1: Video is a powerful online marketing medium.

In the last 5 years, custom, branded online video has become a force to be reckoned with in digital marketing. Video blog giant YouTube reports that mobile video views double or nearly double every single year. This is an upward trend that shows no sign of slowing.

Currently, more than 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every single minute. It has also been estimated that video content will soon account for more than two-thirds of all Internet traffic. Smart marketers all over the US are seizing the opportunity to work with talented video companies to produce quality video content.

#2: People retain more of what they see and hear than what they read.

In marketing terms, visuals and audio cues dominate over “type only ads” by a real broad margin. Why do we remember advertising slogans and jingles? We retain that information better when there is a visual and audible aesthetic angle to it. Appealing visuals and their accompanying messages stick in the minds of the viewer far better than anything they will ever read on a landing page. A well-produced visual representation of your brand produced by a  video company can drive your message with words and phrases that will appeal best to your target audience.

#3: Custom company video makes people stop scrolling.

This is true whether you create your own video content or hire a video company to produce it, There are key advantages to the latter that you need to consider. Hiring a company to produce your company video content gives you the opportunity to present something to your audience that makes it more likely that they will stop, turn the sound on, and listen and watch to what you have to say.

Remember, this isn’t about overhyping or shocking people into stopping to look. The simple act of presenting good, professional video content that appeals to your target audience can elevate your brand image considerably.

6 reasons why you need a company video

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#4: Unique content boosts SEO.

The more well-produced video content you use on your blog or landing pages, the better those pages are going to rank in an organic search. Platforms like Google and Bing lend favor to unique video content. You want your company video content to aid your rankings. While it is true that any time you upload new content it works in your favor, custom content is the way to go if you are looking for a fast rise to the top of leading SERPs.

#5: Custom company video builds your social media audience.

The more shareable your content, the faster your brand message will spread. If you produce a company video that both informs and entertains, it will get shared. You can add fuel to your efforts by simply telling people to share your content. A simple, friendly call to action asking people to share your videos can increase your reach quickly and considerably.

You can even boost the effectiveness of your videos and increase conversions by boosting posts that get good engagement into ads on several of the leading social platforms (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube). You can even test the waters spending little money to discover who pays the closest attention to your content.

#6: Corporate Videos enhances landing- and sales pages.

Once someone clicks through to one of your sales pages, you don’t want to waste any time getting your message out. Never rely only on the text as a first contact! What it is written on your page must compliment the content of your corporate video, and not the other way around.

Remember, it’s the visuals and the voice of your brand that will be most quickly recognized and retained in their memory. Make sure that if you are able to motivate someone to click through to one of your sales pages, you’re delivering the kind of quality content and information that got them to follow you to your site in the first place.

Read this before you hit the record button!

I would like to mention that hiring a professional video production company it is really important!  We see every day all sort of videos on social media. Some are recorded with a smartphone, a computer camera and some with a potato (joke)

Some of these videos lack production value, the audio, titles, and graphics are really below average.  I understand that sometimes that is all that is required to engage your target audience. If that style gets you results, keep on doing like that. Whatever works; Right? There are many other instances, where you run a reputable brand that offers all sort of different products, services, and your clients expect a lot more from you.

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In this instance, you need a totally different approach. The more polished your video is,  the more it will attract and convert. You simply can not film the CEO or your Operations Manager in the Lunch Room with the potato. In such cases, I recommend you hire a professional video production company.

Professional Video Production Companies will make sure your video concept attracts the right crowd, and your brand is well represented. You will also get the most ROI for your marketing efforts.  When video it is not implemented correctly, more than attract, it will repel your prospects and damage your company reputation!

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Corporate Videos: Your Gateway to Success

At this point, it might surprise you how effective company videos are. If your brand wants to stay in sync with the way the average Internet user consumes content. You should provide them with the best possible representation of your brand over the visual medium. Company videos, Corporate Videos, Product Videos, and Testimonial Videos are all great tool to make you stand out from the competition. Just make sure you hire the right Video Production Agency to produce your content.

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