video production services

Need Video Production Services?

An effective way to reach your target demographic is by hiring professional video production services to produce a video featuring your product, service or cause. Organizations can rapidly spread their message using platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo and others in order to deliver engaging content to viewers. Only hire a Video Production Company, on the contrary, […]

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Canon 7d [Magic Lantern Raw]

Canon 7d – Testing Magic Lantern Raw While driving back home from one of our Corporate Video shoots in Jacksonville,  photographer Ricardo Trevino and I had the idea of visiting the historical and beautiful city of Saint Augustine. Just a few days ago I had installed the new Magic Lantern […]

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music videos

The Art in Music Videos.

The symbolic and the surreal in Music Videos.  Every Art form (Painting, Sculpture, Literature, Music, and Film) have developed through different aesthetic movements according to the social and expressive needs of the times. For example: let’s take a look at the paintings of the Renaissance, and compare them to the […]

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