Bluemoon Filmworks can provide a full line of camera accessories for every camera package. Only the best accessory brands are used in every production. Our clients save lots of money when it comes to renting peripherals and accessories. We always have what is needed to complete the job ! That makes us stand out from the competition.





Full Line of Camera Accessories :

Cinegears Follow Focus Wireless | Arri Follow Focus Wireless WMU1 motor CML2 | Follow Focus manual | Matte Box 6×6 w/ 0.3, 0.6, 0.9, 1.2 ND and Polarizer | 2 Cards 512GB Codex and card reader (for RAW and ProRes)| 2 Cards 512GB Mini Mag and card reader| 3 Cards 128GB CFast and card reader| Head and Tripod (Sachtler V-60 or O’Connor 2575)| Easy Rig| Handles| Atomos Shogun Monitor 7’’ Full HD on camara| Red Cinema Monitor 7” on camara | Small HD Monitor 5” on camara| Flanders Scientific Monitor CM170 17’’ for director| CineGears Ghost-Eye Wireless HDMI & SDI Video Transmission Kit| BLUESHAPE AC/DC Power Supply 24V| Anton Bauer Sandwich Adapter features 4 PowerTap| Anton Bauer CINE Battery Block| Batterys Gold Mount and 2 Charger.


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