In every professional video production, a professional camera stabilizer provides smooth camera movement to enhance and support the message of every scene. Bluemoon Filmworks has currently two types of stabilization, the Proline Raven Steady Cam and the DJI Ronin 2, both are used in high-end productions worldwide. We can also add to your video production a steady cam / DJI Ronin Operators. The use of any of these stabilizers will speed up the shooting process, increase production value and open doors to more cinematic ways in which to tell your story.

DJI Ronin / 3 Axis Stabilized Handheld Gimbal System

Developed for the filmmaking professional, the DJI Ronin marks a generational leap in camera stabilization technology. Its custom sensors, powerful motors, and advanced algorithms put world-class precision in your hands. When you attach the Ronin to a Ready Rig it becomes even more versatility. This combo will give the operator more freedom to operate and will help him carry the weight of the whole setup.

proline3 camera stablizer

Proline Raven Steadycam

One Rig fits all Cameras. Arm payload is 1lbs to 45lbs, it has a modular design. ProLine is the only Camera Stabilizer designed for RED Camera users. Sometimes you need to use a different approach when stabilizing your shots. The Director and DP might want a different fluidity in the shot, the Proline Raven moves like the original Steady Cam, the shots are stable and quite dynamic. Every stabilizer moves differently. The director and Dp will use whichever they see fit to tell the story. The Proline Raven is easy to set-up and works with most camera packages. It is also a most economical choice.

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