Available Digital Cinema Cameras to our clients.

Approximately ten years ago digital cinema cameras replaced the film movie cameras in almost every production in the film industry. Today they are used in all professional productions. These cameras have the same features as film celluloid movie cameras.

Some of these features are :

  • Shallow Depth of Field
  • Real 24 frames per second
  • High Dynamic Range
  • Low Light Capabilities
  • Amazing Picture Quality

Bluemoon Filmworks provides a wide variety of digital cinema cameras with all the necessary accessories for your production. We own all our cameras and accessories; our customers never have to worry about additional rental expenses when they use our services. Every cinema camera package comes with a camera operator or D.P and a 1st Assistant Camera and a 2nd Assistant (on request) Our clients can also rent the camera package without a camera operator and 1st AC / 2nd AC. Contact us for a detailed list of all the accessories and detailed specs of every package.  Bellow find a list of some our most popular Cinema Camera Packages.

bluemoon filmworks - cameras

ARRI ALEXA XT  In-camera ARRIRAW up to 120 fps | In-camera ProRes or DNxHD up to 120 fps | In-camera Filter Module IFM-1 Available in 8 densities from ND 0.3 to ND 2.4 | Accurate infrared cut off | 4:3 sensor on all XT models | Anamorphic de-squeeze license included  High speed license included | Lens metadata for efficient VFX.


With the Side SSD and Lens Mount is a high-performance, production-run DSMC camera package designed for professional still and motion image acquisition | Capture motion and stills in 6K 2.4:1 at up to 100 frames per second (fps), or 6K Full Frame at 75 fps, and take full advantage of an arsenal of features.




Super-35mm CMOS Sensor 4608 x 2592  | Video up to 60p Compressed Raw Recording | Ready-to-Edit ProRes 444 + 422 Recording

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