Great Cinema Lenses are the heart and soul of a film image. Every lens offers a unique color, texture and aspect ratio rendering a distinctive quality to the composition of the every cinematic frame. Bluemoon Filmworks provides every video production with the right lens for the job. Below find some the lenses that are available to you. We can deliver the right tools directly to your set.

Fujinon 19-90 mm T 2.9 Cabrio Premier PL Lens

• PL Mount 19-90mm Zoom Lens
• T2.9 Maximum Aperture with 9 Iris Blades
• 31.5mm Diameter Image Circle
• Removable ENG-style Digital Drive
• Standard 0.8 Film Pitch Gears
• Power and Control Connections to Camera
• LDS and /i Technology Lens Data
• 200 Degree Focus Rotation
• Macro Focus Function
• Flange Focal Distance Adjustment

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HAWK C-Series Anamorphics
The Finest Anamorphic Glass. Our Hawk Anamorphic Lenses are loved for their superior image quality and dedication to the artistic nature of the anamorphic format. Hawk has created
the most comprehensive collection of Anamorphic lens systems in the world. Each lens is crafted from the finest German glass and materials and hand assembled by expert technicians before being put through our stringent quality control process. The first set of Hawk Anamorphic Lenses were designed and produced over twenty years ago and are still in superb working condition. Many cinematographers love the beautifully classic look of these lenses.

HAWK C-SERIES 35mm T2, 50mm T2, 75mm T2 and 100mm T2.8