Why Corporate Event Videos are important?

You are going to need 3 videos, not one.

  1. Trailer
  2. Event 
  3. Highlights

corporate event videosMany Business owners will probably print flyers, postcards, create a Facebook page, announce it on twitter, etc. Most of them will forget about one important detail in their budget. They would not allow some funds for these three must have Corporate Event Videos. The real truth is that Video should be your # 1 priority when planning to market your Corporate Event. You don’t need 1, but 3 Corporate Event Videos. One Video will bring attendees to your door, the second will capture all the action while the Corporate Event is happening (speakers, testimonials, targeted interviews, etc). The third Video will be the one that will show how everything happened the day of the event.

Video # 1 (Trailer)

This is the video that will help you generate the interest and bring attendees to your Event. When you create a Video prior to the Corporate Event, you are advertising all the benefits that your attendees will get if they assist to your Corporate Event. It will show people what they will get for coming to your Corporate Event. Do you have experts, key speakers or personalities? You will need an interview with one of many of these individuals. In this Video, they can talk about the different subjects and topics that will be covered in the event. You can also add Testimonials from previous attendees, b-roll, etc. The only reason of this video is to grab everyone’s attention. Make a great Video, this is your chance to catch people’s attention.

Video # 2 (Event)

We already explained that Video is a great tool to bring people to your Corporate Event. Did we? What about showing them what is happening and when is happening? Simply show them in a Video what will be the highlights of the different events that will take place during these days (use interviews, present the subjects, etc). This one is different from the trailer, it will have show more details about the event and will be a little longer. Make sure it communicates the purpose and benefits of the event. This video will keep your attendees coming to the different conferences, presentations or seminars of your Corporate Event. There are moments when this type of Video needs to be shown in order to re-engage your audience and boost their enthusiasm. These are just ideas since every event is different. But there is one thing in common to every event, you need your audience to be entertained and engaged in different activities at all times.

Video # 3 (Highlights)

This is the last video that you will need. It is the one that will cover the most important parts of what happened in your Corporate Event. You certainly need a video that shows what happened in your event. Remember how much time, effort and resources you invested in order to produce this once in a lifetime event. Video is the only way you can preserve it, and for all purposes (Social Media, Web pages, Video Channel, future events, etc)

How much for corporate event videos?

Video is a # 1 priority when you are putting together a Corporate Event. All your future attendees would want to see the presenters talking about different topics that will be covered. The organizer explaining the benefits, programs, etc. Video is the right tool that puts all the necessary information together. The truth is you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg in order to have a Professional Corporate Event Video. Call us and we will give you a very competitive estimate on your next Corporate Event Video. Grab their attention with video from the beginning and have a successful Corporate Event!

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