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First things first. 

Whenever we meet with a client for the first time, it is very important that we ask the right questions about the aim of their Corporate Video. Not every Corporate Video will provide the same benefits to every company. It is true that a good corporate video has the potential to engage audiences and boost SEO. But, it is also true that only the right content and a well-produced video will unlock the doors to unlimited success. The best ROI is untapped only after a careful research and good implementation of the right material in your corporate video. But for now, let’s take a look at the most popular types of corporate videos and their characteristics.

Customer Testimonial Video.

There is nothing more impacting than watching and listening to your clients in their own habitat talk about the incredible experience they had while visiting your business, how great your product is or explaining how you made them succeed in their business. Testimonial Videos usually run from twenty-second segments to a minute and are sometimes used to support other marketing materials. Customer testimonial videos are one of the most used by savvy marketing specialists. They have to be on the homepage of your company webpage.

Success Story Video.

Success Story Videos are very similar to Customer Testimonial Videos. They typically run from one to two minutes and feature an interview with a Customer answering questions about how they benefited from the product or service offered. These videos are usually marketed alone without using any other marketing material, they can be grouped with other Success Story Videos. Success story videos are a super powerful tool at your disposal. They create validity and trust in your product or service. Post them all on one page, and see the results!

Company Video.

Company Videos are similar to ‘brochures’ for Companies. These videos are intended to give prospects a global idea of the company. They typically present the company history, products, key employees and company executives. Corporate Videos can be very informative and are definitely a great choice for small to large companies as well.

Training Videos

Corporate Videos became popular about 30 years ago and the most basic form of Corporate Videos were “Training Videos”. They have been used for the training of  Customer Service employees, sales representatives, technical departments, etc. Training Videos are highly popular. Nowadays they are  mostly implemented online and are a very cost-effective substitute for in-class company training courses


Companies are becoming really careful in how they spend their marketing budgets. The choices are many  ( broadcast television, online video ads,  in-game ads, and theater advertising among many others)  These new forms are becoming very popular besides your typical cable commercials. Today marketing campaigns are highly targeted to very well defined niche markets.

Content Marketing Videos

Content Marketing Videos are becoming really popular and we will see a proliferation of them in the next few years. Most of the content created by companies is used to market, sell and focused mainly on the brand. Content Marketing Videos are geared towards solving your customer’s problems and then letting them know about your brand.  Clear examples are the “How to” videos that you see on Youtube, are mostly created by individuals or companies that want you to use their service or product. Do you have a knowledge that can help your prospects? Customers don’t go to your website to receive a sales pitch, they want you to solve them a real problem.

These are 6 of the most common corporate videos we produce for our clients.

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