Corporate Videos play an important part in attracting all those prospects that are looking for that specific product or service you offer.

corporate videos The smartest competitors are a step ahead of you using the power of well scripted, well produced Corporate Videos. Contrary to what many people think watching a good Corporate Video can be a very informative and entertaining experience… e.g  You can introduce reenactments of customers using your product,  make use of good dialog,  interviews, testimonials, motivational music,  etc

They will watch it and buy.

Fact # 1: Youtube is the second largest search engine on the internet

Fact # 2:  Of all people that visit a website and watch online videos that promote a product or service, over 50% will be motivated to take action after watching a video.

Fact # 3: Out of this percentage, as much as a 12% will buy the product offered in the video.

Fact # 4: Just to give you an example of the significance of this figure, compare it to the frequency response rate of just 0.4%–1.5.0% of people who make a purchase decision after visiting a “text only” internet website.

Fact # 5: A professional corporate video can make a website capture the visitor’s attention span. Statistics show that: 65% of online consumers view video ads through to completion.

Fact # 6: Just a small 20% of surfers will read the entire marketing message on “text only” websites, and that is a big difference.

Fact # 7: 85 % of people online are watching web videos every week. It’s estimated that this number will rise to 95% of online people by 2018

Fact # 8:  Research shows that more than 65% of website visitors who watch internet videos are between the ages of 30–65. More important is that any entrepreneur wondering if these visitors have some money to spend, here’s an incredible fact:70% of these 30–­­65-year-old consumers make middle to high incomes.

Fact # 9:  Having videos makes it sixty times more likely to rank on the first page of Google compared to text only internet web pages

Fact # 10: The average length of a corporate video is 3.5 minutes.

Corporate Videos are for profit! Don’t leave money on the table. 

Your clients and prospects want to watch and listen to what you have to give them, not just having to read about your products or services. They have really short attention spans and wish to be entertained while they are being informed. The longer you wait to make use of a well scripted, professionally produced and engaging Corporate Video as a powerful marketing tool, the more money you are leaving on the table. Think about it.



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