Florida Video Production Services.

 Thanks to the experience and commitment of our video production professionals many individuals, companies, and brands have achieved higher standards of Video Production quality. Our Camera Operators, Editors, Directors, Directors of Photography, Gaffers, Grips and Sound Professionals have worked in the Production of Corporate Videos, Commercials, Music Videos and Feature Films. We can provide your production with Alexa and RED Cinema Cameras, Grip Trucks, Lighting Packages, Sound Recording and of course, a very talented crew. We own all our equipment, so you don’t need to rent any equipment. We are here to help when you need to hire a Florida Video Production Company.

Florida Video Production Services:

  • Directors
  • Directors of Photography
  • Camera Crews
  • Script Development
  • Story Boards
  • Studios
  • Talents
  • Production Management
  • Lighting and Grip
  • Camera Support
  • Steady Cam Operators

Florida Video Production Equipment:

florida video production

Film Crew ready to work!

The arrival of the latest technologies has made possible that many people can afford digital video cameras, lighting tools, and post-production equipment. The equipment does not make a person a filmmaker, same as the brush does not make anyone a painter. We at Bluemoon Filmworks understand your need for a creative and experienced crew, as well as the right tools to complete every project successfully. It is our commitment to give the client the best Video Production Service. Every crew person we choose for your project is someone that we have complete confidence in their work. Our clients don’t have to worry about additional insurance coverage and paperwork, we are fully insured and ready to go on location. Bluemoon Filmworks is a one-stop full-service video production company in Florida. We make the technical and logistic part of video production a breeze so that we can concentrate on filmmaking.

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  1. I read your articles and saw your video.Really great work.Very good thins.Write more about this….
    Thank you for sharing such an information post.

  2. Hi,i’d tod) do a video-clip with my song. I search a nice place with a mountain and sand , sun etc….in Florida.how much is it for a song of 2min 30 seconde ?

    I have my costumes and i need makeup too!

    Thank you !

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