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In this post I will try to cover as much ground as I possibly can regarding the costs for a typical Video Production. I mean “as much” because every video is different and the variables are infinite. When you ask : How much for video production? It is like going into a car dealer and asking. How much for a car ? Most video production companies have their own formulas when figuring out these costs, and as a rule they do not make these figures available. That’s why the “task” of planning a budget for many clients becomes a real problem. What to consider in a video production budget? What is video production company (A) offering vs company (B). Why are their estimates so different ? In many cases the difference in price creates confusion and/or mistrust .Company (A) might be inflating their video production prices and company (B) is leaving important services or items out the estimate. Nevertheless; in this post we will answer your question: How much for video production?

The 3 main steps of Video Production and their costs.

Pre-production includes a brainstorming meeting with the client and creative team in order to create the “concept “. Once we have developed a satisfactory concept that is approved by the client, we write a script and create a storyboard. These may include the visuals as well as dialog, narration, locations and more. Some videos do not need dialog or narration, some are shot on location or a studio. The Pre-production process could take a day, a week or more depending on the project. The cost for pre-production can be a few hundred, sometimes more. In Pre-Production we secure the locations or studio for the shoot day. Some videos require the casting of actors / talents. We have access to casting companies that provide us with very talented actors for every type of video production.  The cost of  Contracting actors and casting really depends on many factors. Are these actors A-listers ? Are the actors new and looking for exposure? Some casting agencies only deal with a close portfolio of clients, studios and budgets. Some others are opened to any project size and are more flexible. Based on experience in the industry pre-production cost is 5% to 10% of the total cost of a project. Pre-production sometimes is more intense than Production so this percentages vary greatly from project to project.

how much for video production

Pre-Production can include :

  • Concept development
  • Script
  • Storyboard
  • Scheduling
  • Location Scouting
  • Casting


Production is everybody’s favorite! On this day ” the shoot day” we have everything ready in order to shoot your video. We make sure that we are always on schedule and within budget. The camera operator / DP and crew will shoot according to the script and following the director’s vision. One video production project can have as little as one day for shooting , sometimes two days and big productions can take several weeks. All depends on the amount of shots needed, locations, length of script, etc. The cost for a shoot day depends on the size of the crew, talents and equipment required to get all the coverage .A shoot day can cost a few hundreds to several thousands. For the most basic videos (ex: interviews) we only require one camera operator that follows a script and can handle all production tasks. These generally cost between $600 to $1000. Some videos need a larger crew, more locations, actors, etc. Production cost is usually 50% to 60% of the total budget.

how much for video production

Production can include :

  • Director
  • Assistant Director
  • Camera Operator / DP
  • Gaffer
  • Grips
  • Actors
  • Locations
  • Studio
  • Cinema Cameras
  • Dollies and Cranes
  • Light Packages
  • Grip Equipment

… or much more. It can be simple or real complex.


Post-Production is basically what everyone calls “editing”. Everything that was shot on the production day “shoot day” is logged, organized and previewed by the director and the editor. They expend some time watching every single take and making sure that they have all the material needed for the edit. Every shot will be finally assembled as a final coherent piece in Post-Production. The editor will work long hours assembling the footage following the script and under the director’s supervision.All the shots will be color corrected and graded one by one in order to fine tune the colors and give the video a final look that matches the mood and feel of the video. Sometimes a color grading artist does the final color, sometimes the editor himself. Everything depends on the budget, time and difficulty of a particular project.  The editing process can take days, weeks or more. Post- production is usually charged by the hour. Typically, a good editor charges from $65.00 to $150.00 per hour. Some editors will work for an adjusted price. Post-Production is sometimes 30% to 50% of the final budget.

  • Time-code logging
  • Conforming
  • Editing
  • Color Correction
  • Animation
  • Visual Effects
  • Sound Mastering
  • Encoding

Last words.

Now you have a better understanding of the whole video production process and some of the costs involved. You will be able to ask more concise and direct questions to a producer or director instead of : How much for video production ?  Always compare apples to apples, not oranges to apples !

We at Bluemoon Filmworks always tailor every video production estimate based on our customers needs, including all the necessary information for you to make a final decision.

How much for video production? 

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