[Q&A] Music Video Production for clients in South Florida. 

Our Music Video Production standards.

  • We specialize in Music Video Production for seasoned and aspiring musicians.
  • We can conceptualize, shoot and edit Music Videos with high production value.
  • Our crew has more than 15 years of experience in the industry.
  • Our crew uses only top of the line digital cinema cameras, lights and editing equipment.
  • We can adapt to our client’s budgets and needs.
  • We are insured

The Process. 

In order to better serve our clients, we always meet with them to explain the different aspects of the video production process. Music Video Production is divided into three different processes.

The first process is called  Pre-Production:

Ismusic video produciton in this part that we create the concept, write the script, and cast the talent for the Music Video. During this process, the artist and the Music Video Director will also choose the wardrobe, sets, locations, special effects, props. The art director and the director will create look and feel boards, storyboards, a color palette for the video and meticulously plan every shot and scene. In “post” the producer and director will decide every aspect of the music video. They will decide how many crew members will work on the video, and what light and camera package will be used.

The second and probably your favorite part is Production. 

 In Production, we light the set or location to ad visual cinematic dimension to every shot. We shoot following the shot list and storyboards that were previously created. We might film with one or two cameras in outdoor and/or indoor locations previously scouted and selected in Pre-Production. 

The last and final step is called Post-Production.

In Post ( editing) is where we choose, arrange and put together the video clips. In Post,  is where the real magic happens! We color correct the clips in order to create the cinematic look of your Music Video. Digital Effects and titles are added. This last step can take weeks and it is done by our expert editor and colorist. When we are done in Post, it is time for you to watch for the first time the Music Video we have created for you. We deliver your Music Video in professional standard format. This could be MP4, H.264,  Apple Pro-res, etc.


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Do we create a Script for your Music Video Production?

music video production

We are a crew of Filmmakers with a creative vision and expertise in Music Videos, Commercials, Corporate, Web Videos, Web Series,  Short, and Feature Films. We meet with our clients in Pre-Production in order to draft the ideas and visuals that will be part of the Concept, Script, Story Board and Shot-list of the Music Video. In a Pre-Production meeting, we ask the clients many questions regarding their creative process, the story of the song, their ideas, their statement. We make sure that we understand the purpose and the whole concept of your particular production. We understand that every artist is unique,  our task is to deliver an entertaining final piece that sells the artist, the song and their particular statement.

What Equipment do you use?

We use only industry standard cinema cameras, lenses and industry standard editing systems. Please, let us know if you want a particular camera package to be used in your production. We own the latest digital cameras, video lights, and grip. One of the reasons (and not the only one) clients hire our services on a repeat basis is that we own our equipment.  Be aware that many companies do not own their equipment, they have to rent. This sometimes affects the whole production process,  since they have to depend on rental availability, etc.

List of equipment available for Music Video Production : 

Contact us to inquire about our full line of Video Production Equipment in South Florida.

We are insured 100%. 

Bluemoon Filmworks is fully insured. This gives our clients an enormous peace of mind. Exterior locations in every city require a Film Permit. When applying for a Film Permit they will ask you for a production insurance of  $1,000,000.  Remember to always ask for a certificate of insurance, and apply for a  film permit with the city where you will shoot your exteriors. Avoid legal complications!

Where can I see some of your Music Videos?

In this webpage, you can watch some of our work, not only Music Videos but other types of productions as well. Some of our Music Videos are on National and International TV Channels, Mun2, VEVO, Vimeo, Youtube, etc.

Music Video Production in Miami is our top priority.

We make sure that you get the best price in the industry and always try to work within your budget. Working with Bluemoon Filmworks is always a pleasant experience. You will be working with a professional crew that delivers 100% from pre-production to delivery.

For Music Video Production in Miami, free estimates or just to talk about your new production. Call: 855-642-3456


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