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What’s a Music EPK?

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Music EPK (Electronic Press Kit) when done right, helps successfully promote an artist or Band. It informs producers, managers, journalists and other interested parties about this particular artist or band achievements, story and upcoming releases. Having a professional EPK helps the artist or band get good representation as well as getting hired for new performances.

What makes a great Music EPK?

The best EPK tells a story about the artist or band. How did you start in the music business? When did you write your first song? These are some of the questions that agents, managers, and fans will love you to answer. Always use newly released music as well as some of the old. A Music EPK can help you sell your music in the digital music distribution platforms, and tickets of future concerts.

What kind of material can I use in a Music EPK?

The use of album covers, live performance videos, interviews, behind the scenes videos and pictures will help convey your unique story. Social Media post, positive reviews, and articles in newspapers and magazines will add reputability and credibility to the final piece. All this material can be used in your Music EPK as b-roll supporting the interviews, music, and storyline.

Do you need a Music EPK?

It does not matter if you have been in the Music Industry for 2 or 20 years, all artist at some point in their career will need a professional Music EPK. Unless you do not want to be noticed, hired or planning to retire this year, an EPK can make a tremendous difference in your musical career. In only a few minutes you can positively influence your audience, agents, press and help you sign deals with music labels. We at Bluemoon Filmworks have the skills as filmmakers to produce your next Professional Music EPK. Give us a call, we can meet with you to discuss ideas about your next Music EPK. Contact us for a free consultation; 855-642-3456!

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