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Corporate Video – Case Study

Bluemoon Filmworks provided pre-production, production and post-production service for this Corporate Video for “Silva Structures”. They wanted us to create a video that included the history of the company, services and a call to action. The corporate video was shot in two days. In one day we filmed exterior shots of projects with a DJI drone and a Canon C100 Camera for the rest of the coverage.  On the second day, we shot all the interior shots of the company and b-roll. In this particular case, the clients did not want to include interviews from the head of departments, a voice-over narration was recorded in our studio instead. The corporate video was edited in three days, the client needed to travel with a copy of the video to present it at an international convention. After a couple of reviews, we made adjustments until they were completely satisfied.

Q&A – Corporate Videos

What do I need a corporate video?

In the last 5 years, Corporate Videos have become one of the most important marketing tools for all companies. More than 65% of clients will watch a video either on web pages or social media (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Vimeo, etc) before securing any type of service of buying a product.

How much does it cost to create a corporate video?

It depends on the many factors:

Do we have to create a concept or script ( in case you do not have one)? How many production days required to shoot it? Do you need interviews? Do we have to travel out of the city to interview clients or shoot b-roll? We recommend that you contact us and we will provide you with a free consultation. We are competitive and always try to work within your budget.

Do you create a script for us?

We have a team of marketing specialist and screenwriters that can assess the particular needs of your company and niche market. We will submit different concept and ideas. Script and treatment is written before we turn on the lights and cameras.

How many years have you been in the industry?

We have been creating corporate videos since 2010. We have created Corporate Videos, Product Videos, Web Videos for many clients in the USA and abroad.

What cameras and equipment you use?

We use only top of the line cinema cameras (RED, Canon, Alexa, Black Magic) with cinema lenses ( Canon, Fujinon, RED).

When can we expect the final video to be delivered?

We deliver the master files within one month from the moment we finish production. If you need your master files before that time, we will try to put you on top of the list of our post-production.  pipeline.

Contact us for more information and for a free consultation for your next Corporate Video. 

Call us: 855-642-3456

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