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Red Epic Camera Package in Miami.

red epic camera package Among our different Cinema Camera Packages, the RED EPIC Camera Package is one of the most popular. The RED EPIC camera shoots amazing 5k digital video and still images; definitely a good choice for filmmakers and photographers alike. The RED EPIC is capable of shooting 1-120 frames per second at its full resolution, with 18 stops in HDRx mode. It is important to mention that many blockbuster films have been shot in the RED EPIC, being the favorite cinema camera of many cinematographers. Once you use the RED EPIC in a project, it is hard to shoot with a different camera than the RED EPIC. We offer different Digital Cinema packages for the RED EPIC X 5K. This package includes the RED EPIC Body with lenses and RED accessories.

 The RED EPIC Camera Package in Miami

Package details.

Camera Operator and/or Assistant Camera Operator.

( No Production Insurance Necessary )

  • RED EPIC Body
  • RED Side SSD (attached to the body)
  • RED Side Handle (attached to the body)
  • RED TOUCH 5-inch Monitor
  • RED Station REDMAG mini
  • 2 128GB REDMAG 1.8-inch SSD
  • 4 REDVOLT Batteries
  • DSMC Travel Charger
  • AC Power Supply
  • RED Station Power Supply
  • 4-inch and 24-inch 9-pin to 9-pin FireWire Cable
  • 6-pin to 6-pin FireWire Cable
  • 4-pin FireWire Adapter
  • 9-pin FireWire Adapter
  • USB Power Supply Cord
  • 6-inch Cable for Red Touch Monitor
  • USB 3.0 Cable
  • Pelican Case

Lenses :

  • Hawk anamorphic prime lenses
  • Fujinon 19-90


Accessories :

Matte Box

Red Grip

ND Filters 0.3 , 0.6 , 0.9

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