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A recent client and partner recently said, knowledge, passion and collaboration are the attributes that best describe your Miami Video Crew. Over the last 15 years we have helped hundreds of brands, businesses, and marketing agencies produce professional audiovisual productions.


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A Miami Video Crew available 24/7.

If you are looking to shoot a corporate video, TV commercial, a multi-cam TV program, interviews, or a music video; our Miami video production crew is your best, and readily available option “365 days” a year. We offer video production crew services for large, medium and small productions alike.

Need a crew on moment's notice?

Our production team is able to assemble really quick a video crew based on your project specs, budget, and deadlines. We carry the latest industry standard cameras, lights, grip, sound equipment, and even rent gear to other agencies.


Our clients Reviews.

Hired Bluemoon Filmworks for a Video Marketing Campaign for my Consulting Business. They created a script, shot 3 videos that... read more

Chris Branson

They are the consummate professionals, achieved results beyond my expectations. I hired them to produce a relatively long and highly... read more


I have had an Excellent experience with this Company. They are very professional, excellent customer service and very detailed... read more

Wilberg Hernandez
W&M Happy Dogs

Professionalism, great shots, and a good time. It was amazing working with them and If I need, I will work... read more

Adriana Hernandez

It's all about the story.

Yes, video gear is very important, as we carry the latest in the industry
. Equally important is to rely on a skillful crew, videographers and camera operators collaborating towards a common goal, that is to produce a high quality audiovisual masterpiece that serves the story you want to tell.

Experienced filmmakers that produce quality deliverables.

At Bluemoon Filmworks we work with seasoned Videographers, Camera Operators, Directors of Photography, 1st and 2nd Assistant Cameras, Audio Engineers , Production Assistants, Directors and Producers among other video professionals. The experience of any of our crew members is at least 15 years in the industry


We are fully insured.

A production is not really ready to roll cameras if crew, and equipment are not fully insured. We always carry workers compensation insurance, and general liability insurance for every production. No cutting corners here!

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The Miami Video Crew


Director of Photography.

cesar perez-beato Bluemoon Filmworks

Need a DP for your next corporate production, commercial or film? We got you covered. Our Directors of Photography are highly skilled artists, and very familiar with the latest camera models, lights, and digital cinema formats. Hiring a skilled DP must be a priority when hiring your Video Production Crew.



Camera Operators.

At Bluemoon Filmworks we work with the top camera operators in South Florida. They have lensed movies, commercials, music videos and corporate films. Their skillset is a plus when you want to finish your project on time and within your budget.


Assistant Camera (1st & 2nd)

If hiring a skilled DP, and cameraman is key, your Assistant Camera will help your production run smooth from start to finish. The synergy and collaboration among all professionals in the cam department is crucial, that’s why we only work with a camera crew that collaborate well and efficiently on every set.


Digital Imaging Technician (D.I.T)

Hire a DIT (Digital Imaging Technician) to oversee the quality, workflow, image manipulation, and media offload / backup of your footage. Our DIT works amazingly well with our DP and crew in maintaining the artistic look and consistency of your footage.


Production Assistants (P. A)

Our Production Assistants are the first to arrive on set and the last ones to leave. Our P.A’ supports crew and talent in every way possible. She/He makes sure all materials are on hand when needed. He will bring you coffee, help the talent, keep the set clean and organized. Our P. A is a real sweetheart, and even assists the camera crew, if necessary.

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We can help with everything else.

Permits, Scouting, Catering?



Productions can get a little crazy, and we love helping our clients have a smooth and efficient shoot experience.

Do you need city permits to shoot on location? Do you need location scouting service before the shoot? A “full of latin flavor” catering service?

We are a great information source for everything related to video production, film and videography in Miami, and all South Florida.

All our crew coordinators, and producers are available 7- days a week to help you sort out any production related hurdles you may have.

Hiring a skilled video crew directly impacts the budget, final quality and success of your project. Feel free to contact us for more information about our video crew service and to an estimate.

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