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Many brands have come to us just because such and such competitors are using  Video Marketing (Corporate Videos, Testimonial Videos, Product Presentation Videos, How to videos, etc) in their marketing campaigns. They have noticed that their competitors have achieved a great deal of success by implementing video marketing in their campaigns.

The truth is,  nobody wants to be left in the old world of printed flyers and yellow pages ads.

There are many brands investing thousands of dollars in video marketing. They do so because they are getting very solid results over and over (driving traffic to their homepages, getting more conversions, creating brand awareness, generating new leads, improving corporate image, etc )

In today’s world, it is imperative that you hire a professional video company for your Video Production needs. Video content is very powerful and can definitely add credibility, emotional response, and impact on your current marketing campaigns.

It is proven that Blogs. Social Media Pages, Web pages rich in informative video content are more likely to be found by Google and other search engines. Video has become mainstream and is clearly the most efficient and inexpensive type of advertisement on the internet. Consumers watch more videos than they read articles on a daily basis. All recent studies show that most people are more willing to watch and listen to entertaining and vivid visuals than to read a story about any product or service

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There is one important thing!

Great Video Marketing requires a  good crew of video professionals to deliver the content in the right way. Video Marketing is not to be taken lightly. Producing high-quality videos is an art form that requires research, planning. Knowledge of visual storytelling. scripting, lighting, camera angles, sound, and editing are also very important. Both producer and client need to have a clear idea of the industry and target market they wish to attract. Video Marketing when is not correctly implemented, it can be very detrimental for your company.

(4) things to take into account before hiring a Video Production Company.

  1. What market does your client want attract? (Ages, income, interests)
  2. What kind of content is more influential and beneficial? (Narrative, How to video or Presentation)
  3. Production Value is key (Good Lighting, Image Quality, Camera Angles, Sound, and Effective Editing)
  4. What kind of deliverables (DVD, Blu-ray or Digital File)

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Video Marketing is a key element if you want to get noticed.

You have probably commissioned someone to create your Company Website, you have plenty of brochures, postcards, and other marketing tools, but you might be missing the most important key element in a good business marketing campaign. That’s without a doubt, a true professional video.

Why is Video Marketing so popular?  

Videos can be uploaded to a company webpage and video channels like Youtube and Vimeo, Wistia, etc. They can be posted on Social Media Networks, sent as attachments or embedded in your everyday e-mails. Nowadays we have endless free marketing tools at our disposal; remember that your clients use all these Video Channels and Social Media Networks on a daily base. Your video can run 24/7 on the internet and it won’t cost you a dime for airing time. Think about it, for one-time investment the benefits are endless.

How do we create your video?

In our first meeting, we want to get as much information as we can about your industry, products, and goals. Together we can create an appealing script that may include interviews, presentations, testimonials, b-roll (shots) of your business operation and any other important elements necessary to convey your message. After we have finished scripting your video we will present to you a shot-list or storyboard based on that final script.

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Watch the final Corporate Video below. 


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Tip: Ask a few satisfied clients if they would like to be interviewed. Testimonials add tremendous credibility and are a visual evidence of your clients’ positive feedback. Media psychologists tell us that people tend to believe in the experiences of others.

On the shooting day, we will film according to our Pre-Production Story Boards and Script. We make sure that every shot has great lighting, composition and every scene is completed on schedule. We use only broadcast quality cameras, dollies, jibs, professional recording equipment and a crew of very talented filmmakers.

We create your marketing videos with one set goal; we want you to get immediate results. Our mission is to deliver the most entertaining and informative videos to our clients. The best way to engage your audience is by delivering just the content that will be useful to them.

Attract and Convert in your Social Media Pages, Web pages and emails with shareable video content.

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The average video for the internet lasts no more than 5 minutes. Different storytelling techniques are used to get attention from the viewers from the very first frame of your video. Visual composition, audio, narration, music, etc.

The main objective of a company video is to inform and invite your audience to take action (e.g. call your company, buy a product, visit your office, etc). Bluemoon Filmworks is aware of the demanding needs of today’s market. We are confident that we have the ability to create an unforgettable video for your company. Let’s put it this way, one or two new clients that watch your Corporate Video and get your product or use your services will pay part if not the whole cost of your video. Think of it in terms of investment versus unlimited revenue.

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