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Rena Schumacher – Schedule 10 Specialists

Cesar was wonderful to work with in every aspect. His creativity and expertise in developing our corporate marketing video campaigns was amazing. Cesar was a true professional who got our project done on time and the end result exceeded our expectations!

Craig Branson – National Nuclear Admin.

waste management video bluemoon filmworks

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative “I first met Cesar when a company my employer was working with hired him and a colleague to shoot video and take photos at a location in southern Florida. His professionalism and the great results we got as a result of that job led… Read more “Craig Branson – National Nuclear Admin.”

Octavio Augusto – Ph.D and Author

Bluemoon Filmworks did and excellent work for the Promo Video of my new book. Thank you guys ! Great work !!! Octavio A .

Adriel de la Cruz – Business Owner

Cesar was the director for my company’s short commercial feature and his work was very impressive and top notch. He was receptive about my ideas, and his level of creativity and innovation was the highest I’ve encountered in any creative pro. I will hire him again for continued production work.

Adriel de la Cruz

Monna. Singer – Songwriter

Best film production company that I have ever worked with!!! The Director and owner of this company is truly amazing, creative and very talented in general ! I am very pleased with how my music video turned out, the production, direction and final product, every thing was great. I definitely… Read more “Monna. Singer – Songwriter”


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    How much does a music video cost?

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    [Q&A] Music Video Production.

    Our Standards for Music Video Production. We specialize in Music Video Production for seasoned and aspiring musicians. We can conceptualize, shoot and edit Music Videos with high production value. Our crew has more than 15 years of experience in the

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    [3 most have] Corporate Event Videos

    Why Corporate Event Videos are important? You are going to need 3 videos, not one. Trailer Event  Highlights Many Business owners will probably print flyers, postcards, create a Facebook page, announce it on twitter, etc. Most of them will forget

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    [6] Corporate Video ideas to grow your business.

    First things first.  Whenever we meet with a client for the first time, it is very important that we ask the right questions about the aim of their Corporate Video. Not every Corporate Video will provide the same benefits to every company. It is

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    Success with Video Marketing (Tips)

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    Red Epic Camera Package in Miami. Among our different Cinema Camera Packages, the RED EPIC Camera Package is one of the most popular. The RED EPIC camera shoots amazing 5k digital video and still images; definitely a good choice for filmmakers and

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  • Need Video Production Services ?

    An effective way to reach your target demographic is by hiring professional video production services to produce a video featuring your product, service or cause. Organizations can rapidly spread their message using platforms such as YouTube,

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  • Canon 7d [Magic Lantern Raw]

    Canon 7d – Testing Magic Lantern Raw While driving back home from one of our Corporate Video shoots in Jacksonville,  photographer Ricardo Trevino and I had the idea of visiting the historical and beautiful city of Saint Augustine. Just a few

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  • music videos

    The Art in Music Videos.

    The symbolic and the surreal in Music Videos.  Every Art form (Painting, Sculpture, Literature, Music, and Film) have developed through different aesthetic movements according to the social and expressive needs of the times. For example:

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